What if your cafe racer’s fork worked just like that of a Honda CBR?

With my fully adjustable Ceriani type forks and shocks you can

  • ride more comfortably
  • reach better lap time on the racetrack
  • adjust the damping easier
  • increase the value of your bike with my exclusive parts at an affordable price

Laszlo Hunya with PanniMy name is László Hunya.

I built my first cafe racer back in 1970 when I was just 13 years old. So in the kitchen of my parents, I transformed the scooter of my grandpa into a racing bike.

Since those early days until now my passion for motorbikes has gone from strength to strength. Therefore I’m still in the motorcycle business today. I’m the owner of a motorcycle store and wholesale company in Hungary.

In my freetime I race with my favourite Seeley BSA at classic races and when the season is over, you will find me in my workshop tuning and developing my bikes.


During my racing days I gained extensive experience in adjusting and tuning suspensions and I’m always helping friends in this area. I am very eager to share this know-how to wider and wider circle.

explosion drawing

The damping system of my fork is more complex than the original Ceriani was. It works via shim stacks, in spite of a simple damping piston and rod of the old orifice constructions. The main difference between the two systems is the damping/velocity characteristics: The first one works linear, the last one is progressive, which is pretty uncomfortable: at slow motions too mushy but at high speed movements too harsh. That is why I chose an ultimate damping system similar to the modern superbikes big piston forks, as you can see on the explosion drawing.

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