»How can I order?

- You can send enquiry/order with the request form on the website, or via email.

»What is the process of purchasing?

- Order confirmation > Proforma invoice > Payment confirmation > Dispatch > Delivery

»I ordered wrong type/size parts. What can I do?

- Don't worry, we will help. Contact us, and we can check the opportunities.


Pricing & payment

»What are the international taxes and duties that I have to pay?

- Prices on the site include 20% VAT (retail prices). Registered companies from EU with valid TAX no., non EU companies & end users can buy our parts without VAT. End users from EU region will be charged with 20% VAT. Custom fees/import duties may vary by country according to the total amount of the shipment, and the type of the items. For further information or accurate duties, please get in contact with your local customs authority.

»Do you have dealer prices?

- Yes. It depends on the region and the request. For further information, please contact us.

»What payment methods do you accept?

- We prefer bank transfer, in other cases we can accept PayPal (high transaction fees!).



»What are my shipping options?

- We are working with TNT/FedEx, available services: Economy and Express.

»Can I take care of delivery by myself?

- Yes. After your order is prepared, and confirmed, you can order the pickup by any delivery company.

»Do you ship packages internationally?

- Yes, delivery is available to everywhere on the planet.

»Where are the packages shipped from?

- All items are stored at our main headquarter in Hungary.

»How much is the shipping cost?

- It depends on the destination country/city, the amount of the ordered parts, and the size of the shipment.

»When will I receive my order?

- Delivery time also depends on the destination country/city. To EU it takes around 1-4 working days, overseas around 4-7 working days, depend on type of service (Economy or Express).



»Fork components are compatible with the original Ceriani forks?

- No, our forks have redesigned outer, and inner structure.

»What is the difference between the forks?

- GP35/38 are the standard non adjustable versions for drum brakes. Forks with "D" marking means DISC for disc brakes, "R" means RACING, which is the adjustable version.

»What is the difference between GS02 & GS03 rear shocks?

- GS02 have fixed length, GS03 have adjustable length (+-10mm).

»Forks are CRMC approved?


»Can I use your exhausts on the street?

- No, our exhausts are not street legal versions.

»What type of aluminium are your CNC products made from?

- High quality AL6061.

»How much oil is needed in the forks, and which brand do you recommend?

- It depends on the type/length of the forks, we are using Repsol or Motul (10W). For further information, please check the downloadable user manuals at the top menu.