Dear customers!

Our store is still open, parts service are availalbe, and can be delivered almost worldwide1. However regarding to the virus, there have been some changes that can be checked below.

Lead time

Some of our parts coming from other suppliers, and some production steps made by other workshops, especially brakes & wheels. That means specific part's lead time could be more during the virus. Products in stock are not affected.

Safety & health

All items go through on a disinfection method, but regarding to that many people get in contact with the packages during the transport, we highly recommend to use safety gloves, mask, and disinfectant when extracting shipments.


TNT still transporting almost worldwide, but delivery to some countries have been partly or fully suspended. For more information, please check TNT's documentary 1HERE. Furthermore, to provide the best possible service to the customers, they are implemented a temporary surcharge on all shipments until further notice. You can read more about this HERE, at the "temporary surcharge" section. Before you check it, please choose your location at the top of the page to get the accurate currency. For any further information about delivery, please visit your local TNT/FedEx website.


We hope that everything will be fine soon, and we can defeat the virus soon as possible. Take care of yourself and your family, and do everything what you can for maximum safety.

Thank you, and hold on!


Best regards:

László & Csaba


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